My heart is in Havana (Cuba)

January 20, 2018

Travel far enough... you meet yourself! <3


My trip to Cuba was a solo trip! I stayed in an all inclusive resort and signed up for a lot of excursions to explore the countryside and the underwater heavens.


Sometimes it's good to book some time off for yourself. I had the time of my life waking up each morning to an amazing tropical breakfast with organic fresh fruits (mangoes, pineapples and papayas in Cuba are to die for!!). I would then go for a walk by the beach and sit on the white sand and let the waves encircle me. I would read a book sitting by the beach and there were numerous naps in between my readings. I was served with fresh cut fruits and juices throughout the stay at the beach.


I would meet new people and make friends. Sometimes my new friends would give me company for lunch or dinner, and we would have some of the most interesting conversations about life, different cultures, countries and backgrounds. It was a very fascinating trip of my life!


Favourite Activities: Sitting by the Beach + Swimming with Dolphins + Massages by the Beach (yes, that's very common in Cuba!!) + Countryside excursions + Catamaran Cruises + Scuba Diving


Favourite Foods: Pineapples + Papayas + Mangoes + Fresh Fruits & Veggies (Everything is organic in Cuba!)


Favourite Places to Visit: Havana & Holguin


Tip: If you like spicy foods, do pack a few of your favourite spices/sauces as Cubans don't use a lot of spices / flavours in their foods


How will I remember Cuba?

For me Cuba is very peaceful place – away from all the hustle and crowdedness of the city life.

It is a place for me to forget about all the worries and all the complications of life. For me it is a place to relax and unwind. Sleeping on the white sand while the nature sings its lovely songs to me in the form of waves coming and going away from the shore and cute little birds chirping and singing their adorable songs.


I had my many “first times” there – being kissed by a dolphin was such a pure experience. Dolly, my beautiful Dolphin, was an incredible creature. She was big; her body was slippery and she gave me a newborn’s kiss on my cheek. I remembered she would dance every time we would clap. It didn’t feel like she was doing it cause she had to as part of her training – but it felt like she was engaged with us, enjoyed spending time and getting to know us.


I also had my first scuba dive experience there – and what I saw under the water was not something even in the wildest of my imaginations. Coral reef was untouched masterpiece of God’s beauty found many miles under water. There were fish of each colour, size and type. I was very careful not to disrupt their natural way of life, but still tried to get a sneak peek into their life.


I also toured a Cuban cigars factory. We met with workers and toured through different processing departments (I even tried a few – my mom doesn’t know :D)

They were all friendly and down-to-earth folks, who shared their wisdom and their stories.


My week was absolutely amazing filled with some of the finest experiences of my life. I will definitely go back there to make new memories and relive some of the past <3


Chillers by the beach!


Sunset views!


Cuban cars! (they are mostly 1950s cars)


Our Snorkelling Site <3


Dinner Spot <3


Site for Boats + Kayaks + Canoes


Colours are everything!!


Shopping by the beach!


Loves, you guys better be convinced to check out this place!


Time to run a Cuban cigar factory! :p




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