• Saniya

Yoga Heals The Soul <3 (& Karachi - you are quite alright!)

Hello Beautiful Readers, 

I haven’t written in a while as I was super busy and was travelling.

I was in Karachi for a week full of meetings. As you can imagine, with a busy travel schedule with back-to-back meetings, I didn’t manage time for workout very effectively.

I went very strong for the first week of meetings and met numerous people. However, after a few days of going strong at work, I felt lethargic and just a lack of positive energy. I thought it was something to do with the food there or the weather. I even took some medicines to feel better. Nothing worked.

I then went to my happy place – Yoga StudioX

There are a few good yoga studios in Karachi, Pakistan. One yoga session – a full mind and body workout – and my stress was gone.

Yoga By The Beach

I felt refreshed and rejuvenated. I fell in love (again) with that yoga mat and decided to not be away from it for too long. My next round of meetings was way more effective and I had a very positive vibe throughout my trip.

Six months ago I got married to my best friend of 7 years, but I was never a fan of his hometown – Karachi. During this trip, I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Karachi as well (miracles do occur!) and I look forward to return to this amazing place soon :)

Old Karachi

Here’s to many more travels and more yoga practices!