• Saniya

Summer-Body-Ready #ThePlan *Week 1 Workout Videos*

Hey Guys!! Today is April 17th and I'm approaching the end of first week of #ThePlan (Summer-Body-Ready-Plan)

What have I done right?
  • Worked out all days expect Sunday

  • Slept on time at 11:00 PM

  • Woke up at 7 AM & started my day by hitting the gym

  • Going strong on 50-Squats-with-12-kgs-weights Challenge

What have I done wrong?
  • Missed Sunday workout

  • Didn't make time for Yoga :/

  • Had Biryani Rice once - in the moment thought of it as a "cheat meal" when I was really on a #NoRiceLessBreadDiet

What have I achieved so far?
  • Feeling more Active and Energized :)

  • Day starts on a Positive note - I stay way more Productive !!!

  • I lost 1 pound !!!

  • Arms and Legs feeling Strong !!!

  • Eating Healthy = Cooking at Home = Eating out Less = More Savings !!!

What do I need to improve?
  • Make some time for Yoga

  • Not skip Workouts

  • Try to take an evening Nap - so I can do more in the eve

  • Stay away from Rice!

Typical Gym Routine:
  • Cardio for the first 15 to 20 mins – running on a Treadmill

  • Squats x 50

  • Arm’s Day Workout Video Below

  • Leg’s Day Workout Video Below

  • Abs' Day Workout Video Below

I hope you guys follow my routine for your Summer-Body-Ready-Goals. You can find #ThePlan live videos and updates on my insta page and on #NoRegrets page!

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