• Saniya

Fruity Spinach Salads

I enjoy fruity spinach salads and I love them for their versatility. There is no one way or one recipe to go about these lovely bowls of goodness.

I keep mixing and matching different ingredients and basically use whatever I have available on hand. Below are the suggested ingredients for you to try and enjoy this goodness!

Feel free to experiment with different fruits and nutty ingredients :)

Adding some pictures to show the salad's versatility & to serve as motivation!


Fruit Ingredients:

  1. Red or Green Apples (thinly sliced)

  2. Choose one or two or more out of the following optional ingredients:

  • Oranges (seeds removed) – optional ingredient

  • Strawberries (cut in half or four) – optional ingredient

  • Pomegranates (seeds) – optional ingredient

  • Kiwis (thinly slices) – optional ingredient

Vegetable Ingredients:

  1. Spinach* (cut in half or as desired)

* The fresher the spinach, the better your salad will be. Try growing some in a pot or in your garden. Here in Pakistan, I have been lucky to pluck fresh spinach leaves every morning from greeny-goodness-pots-of-gold :)

Dried Ingredients:

  1. Dried cranberries (handful)

  2. Walnuts / Almonds / Pecans / Pumpkin Seeds / whatever you prefer (handful)

  3. Feta Cheese (super optional to add)

Salad Dressing Ingredients:

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar (few spoons)

  2. Olive Oil (few spoons)

  3. Salt

  4. Pepper

  • Mix all of these in a small cup and your salad dressing is ready

  • Take a large bowl

  • Mix all your fruit, vegetable & dried ingredients

  • Add the salad dressing

  • Mix well

  • Enjoy!