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For the love of Farms / Farmers Market

Updated: Mar 20, 2018

Guys, hope everyone is having a lovely day <3

I recently visited a farm and decided to write a blog to encourage my readers to get a little outdoorsy and visit a Farm or Farmers Markets (whatever is closer to you).

Farms are great destinations to visit for the day; not only do they get us out of the house, away from our screens, and into some much needed fresh air, but they offer a wealth of learning opportunities, and a chance to connect first hand with our local food system.

Here are some great reasons why I encourage you all to visit a Farm / Farmer’s Market this season!

1- To Relax & To Enjoy Nature

My excitement starts as soon as I start driving to the farm, as I get too enthusiastic thinking about what I am going to be discovering this time around being so close to Mother Nature. I fall in love with taking walks in the aroma of fresh veggies/ fruits. I thoroughly enjoy hand selecting and picking of veggies/ fruits, while breathing in the fresh air that is so rich with Oxygen.

Farms <3

2- To Enjoy the Excitement of Planning the Meals

I start imagining the delicious meals I am going to be preparing with the produce. There is a sense of joy as I start thinking about what mouth-watering creations will come out of these fresh produce. Bills (nickname for my husband, Bilal) and I almost always cook right after our trip and then (sort of) compete to see who cooks his/her dish better – I always win!! ;)

Healthy Salads

3- To Learn about Food’s Origin

I love speaking to the farmers to learn more about their life, their farming methods, their hard work and their lives at the farm. I find it very fascinating to learn more about the foods we eat, and it’s amazing how knowledgeable these folks are! I have met numerous adorable families who live and work on their family farms and supply to big stores like Loblaws and Longos in Canada, and Spinneys and Carrefour in Dubai.

Fresh Corn

4- Organic & Affordable

I am a sucker for Organic produce and I hate paying crazy premiums at the grocery stores, so a local farm is a blessing for me. I love to make my salads with organic veggies and throw in some organic fruits on top, but I hate paying unreasonably high prices charged at most of the premium grocery outlets. Find a local farm that has organic produce and you will be set! Your body will love you and your wallet will thank you :)

Organic Greens

5- Seasonal

We all have heard from our grandmas that it is best to eat whatever is seasonally available in the area you live in. More recently, I have been hearing the same message from doctors, nutritionists and scientists all over the world. Remember, humans ate what was available before refrigeration and preservation was common. Give it a try and believe me your body will appreciate it :)

Seasonal Fruits <3

6- Nutritious & Better Tasting

In my last many years of frequent visits to Farms/ Farmers Markets, I don’t think there has been even a single time when I didn’t find the produce to be more nutritious and better tasting than it’s comparable at the grocery store. Tomatoes are juicer; spinach is healthier with green big leaves, and apples are crunchier. Vivid colors of the farm fruits and veggies are a true reflection of the nutrients they contain.

Lovely Tomatoes and Apples

7- Treat for Kids

I grew up in Multan. It is a small sunny city in Pakistan and is the largest producer of Mangoes in the country. When I was growing up, my grandma would plant Mangoes, Guavas, Grapes, Berries and Mint Leaves in our garden. I remember spending time with her being outdoors and learning about the fruits and veggies. As a child, I was thoroughly intrigued by God’s creation and fell in love with nature.

Last week, we took Bill’s cute little nephew to the farm and he was so thrilled to see Mr. Pepper, Mr. Chilly, Baby Tomatoes and so much more. He touched the hanging produce and hand picked them. We even got him his own brown bag to keep his produce and take it to the Uncle Farmer for his bill. Uncle Farmer threw in some extra Baby Tomatoes on the house. He was very happy with his day out :)

I hope this encourages you to plan your next visit to the Farm or a Farmers Market. We should all support our local farmers by visiting them more frequently!

My favourites include:

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