• Saniya

Beautiful Bali: Yoga Teacher's Certification, Healer, New Year Celebration & Last day in Village :/

Hello Lovely Folks!!

Last day in Tabanan is making me sadddddddd!! I decided to take a lot of pictures, so I can keep this lovely place in my memories forever. Please bear with me as I am going to be posting a lot of pictures in this blog.

Love waking up to this! <3

Day was kicked off with my Yoga Teacher's Certification Examination. It was quite intense with more than 2.5 hours of non-stop yoga in front of three judges. It involved many asanas (standing, sitting and lying), numerous sun and moon salutations and a lottttt of meditation. After a week of hard work and prep, I finally passed the exam and I am a now a certified Balinese Yoga Instructor - Yay!! :)

Post Yoga, we decided to go back to the waterfalls one more time before leaving the village. And boy the falls were amazing this time around! It rained a lot so there was a lot more water to play around with. Here are the lovely pictures:

We swam in the water, sang songs, jumped around like little kids and enjoyed ourselves at the falls. Truly an amazing and refreshing experience!

Evening was crazy busy as I tried to do bunch of things on my last day. We visited the village healer. This guy is 70+ years old and has been healing people with coconut oil deep tissue (sort of a) massage for the last 30+ years. He asks you where it hurts the most and concentrates on that area. He also sprinkles some special coconut milk on you when he greets you!

Magical Healer

Post our relaxing healing massages, we were told that there is a late night new years celebration planned in the village. All the adorable kids had prepared dances and village heads from all the villages were invited as the chief guests. Obviously, we decided to check out the local show and to learn more about their cultural dances and celebrations.

It was the most cutest and purest way of celebration I have ever witnessed! Girls with traditional dresses and make-ups performed on numerous songs, while the guys were singing the songs and playing different musical instruments for them.

Show was very nicely organized and choreographed. (and we were well fed :D)

Post Cultural Dance Show

And with this my lovely lil trip to Tabanan in Bali comes to an end. I do wish to return to this place in future and maybe bring my family with me next time I am here.

Do share your travel stories or the places you have fallen in love with? I want to know!!!