• Saniya

Beautiful Bali : Yoga, Scooter Driving & Wood Carving

The lovely rooster gave Day 4’s wake up call at around 7am. Thanks to Dewi and Rhianna, I kicked off the morning with lovely mangoes and watermelons. Post breakfast, I try to get in at least 20-30 mins of walk before the morning yoga session. They say doing yoga on a full stomach is not ideal, so I limit myself to only fruits for breakfast and then try to go for a walk as well.

Morning yoga session lasted a bit over 3 hours as Ms. Krishna and I tried headstands like a million times that my face got all red due to some crazy blood circulation going on. While, we were practicing headstands, Adi was teaching martial arts to the village kids. They are the sweetest kids and are extremely adorable.

Achievement Unlocked - Thanks to Ms. Krishna

After Yoga, the amazing chefs had lunch prepared for us. Over lunch, I convinced Adi to arrange a “scooter driving” tutorial for me. Ms. Krishna volunteered her scooter and Ray volunteered his time - and I had the perfect recipe to learn some scooter driving skills. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life!!!!

P.S Ray is the younger brother of Adi (our host at Balitrees) and manages all transportation during the Yoga Training / Retreat.

Driving around Lush Green Foliage

We went on top of the hill and the view was unbelievable. Lush green trees and well-planned rice terraces paired with perfect wind. There was a swing overlooking the entire landscape. It seemed like I was looking at a paining – a masterpiece of nature’s best offerings.

Beautiful Bali <3

Exhausted from the drive, I went for a quick nap. More tea and then the afternoon yoga session – I love pairing green tea and yoga – it is like a match made in heaven <3

As soon as Yoga session was over, I was offered to learn some “Wood Carving” skills. Rhianna’s father is a famous artist and is highly skilled at carving wood. We went to their place and learnt some of the basics of the technique. He was such a kind person and wanted to carve my name on a piece of wood, so I can take it back as a souvenir from the village and remember to visit them again. I felt truly honoured. We started the piece together but it takes a long time to finish, so I have been promised that it will be ready by the time I leave.

Coming back from the wood carving class, ladies had prepared our dinner with love and care. I enjoyed the food and sat down to write this blog. As soon as I finish this, I am going to head to bed and sleep like a baby.

What do you like the most? Yoga? Walking? Scooter driving? Wood Carving? Sleeping? :p

I want to know!