• Saniya

Beautiful Bali : Breakfast with a view, Hindu Temple Offerings, Yoga & Coconut Oil Making

Morning folks!

Bali doesn’t stop to impress me with its luxuriant vegetation and fresh breezy mornings. The morning pictures are breathtakingly mesmerizing!

Green Tea with the view of greens :)

Morning Views :)

Yummy balinese foods :)

Our Morning was kicked off with engaging Yoga Philosophy session. Adi and Ms. Krishna shared the history and philosophy of Yoga and how it originated in the Himalayas many many years ago. We learnt the health benefits of Yoga and how it can make our body more flexible and our mind a lot more peaceful. It truly is where both our mind and our body can collaborate to help us lead a better and positive life <3

Post Yoga - Inner Satisfaction Attained!

Afternoon was spent preparing Hindu Temple Offerings. I would note that Bali is highly traditional and extremely religious. Each house has its own temple and there are a few main temples for the village to share. Coconut tree leaves are used to make small bowls, which are then filled with flowers and some sweets. It is a pretty tiresome process with a lot of attention to detail, but the final result is cute lil offerings with vivid colors.

Hindu Temple Offerings

Evening excursion was going into one of the village's homes and learning the art of Coconut Oil Making from scratch. Process included the following steps:

  1. Collect Coconuts

  2. Crack Open the Coconuts

  3. Remove and Collect Coconut Meat

  4. Grate the Coconut Meat

  5. Extract Coconut Milk

  6. Make a Fireplace

  7. Boil the Coconut Milk

  8. Extract Oil From Boiled Coconut Milk

Grating the Coco meat

Fireplace => Boil the Coco Milk => Extract Oil from Coco Milk

We enjoyed Coco Oil Making while sipping some fresh Coco Water and engaging in conversations with our lovely lady host and other fellow guests.

Refreshing Coco Water!

One more day to go in lovely Bali and then I have my 2 hours long Yoga Exam - that is when I find out whether I get to be a certified Balinese Style Yoga Instructor or not. I am nervous :$ Please pray for me!